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News30 m long, natural frequency trough conveyor


30 m long, natural frequency trough conveyor

A closed, natural frequency trough conveyor, 30 m long and 400 mm wide, was recently shipped by VIBRA SCHULTHEIS as part of a project to expand a production facility in China. The conveyor is designed to handle 20t/h of a hot, calcined aluminum powder. In addition to the unusually long conveying distance, it also integrates the following outstanding features:

  • Modular design with an extremely low overall height and a correspondingly small footprint
  • Vibration frequency and amplitude adjustable within wide limits
  • Extremely smooth running thanks to the balanced, two-mass system with vibrating motor
  • Only minimal transfer of vibration to the supporting structure
  • Eight intermediate discharge points with tightly closing shutoff valves

Since the material conveyed is highly abrasive, the conveying trough takes the form of a closed, rectangular tube with an extra-thick wall. Thanks to the modular design, the individual trough sections can be easily replaced if ever they become worn at some time in the distant future.



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