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NewsElectromagnetic vibrator unit ERF series extended


Electromagnetic vibrator unit ERF series extended

The successful ERF series of vibrator units for trough and tube conveyors as well as screening and sorting machines was recently extended upward with the new ERF 62 type.
A maximum effective weight of 100 kg can now be handled at a vibration frequency of 20 to 30 Hz.
By comparison, the ERF 52 – the most powerful vibrator unit available until now – is only rated for a maximum effective weight of about 50 kg.
Especially when used as a multiple drive, this new unit is suitable for an exciting range of applications such as feeding packaging machines (multiple-head balances) over long conveying distances or batching and aligning fish fingers and confectionery, for instance.
The photograph below shows a 4.3 m long and 750 mm wide vibrating trough conveyor with three ERF 62 vibrator units and a pneumatically driven discharge flap for potato chips. The trough is part of a feed section with an overall length of 45 m and five 4 m long trough conveyors arranged perpendicular to the multiple-head balances.



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