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NewsCooling vibrating conveyor for cooling 15 t/h of roasted product

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Cooling vibrating conveyor
for cooling 15 t/h of roasted product down 800 C

This plant consists of three U-shaped cascaded, vibrating trough conveyors with a total heat exchanger surface of approximately 30 m and a trough width of 1400 mm. The biggest of the three units is a 12 m long natural-frequency trough conveyor, which is designed like the other two cooling troughs with a series of robust, separately exchangeable tray elements with cooling plates for cooling water at 4 bar. The side walls of the tray elements are also cooled. The individual tray elements are flanged together and largely identical, so that the requirement for spare parts is restricted to a minimum. The cooling plates feature a special distribution system that ensures a uniform flow of cooling water across the complete tray width.



Partial view of this plant



The cooling water supply to the heat exchangers



Partial view of this plant


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